Class is on Wednesdays at 6pm. The workouts will be posted. Additional workouts will be posted on Monday & Friday.

Training focus: Functional Strength, Power and Endurance.

Training Focus: Denali and GORUCK Challenge

We have a few people in our class that are training either to summit Denali or to complete a GORUCK Challenge. That strikes me as a good spring training focus for everyone.

For those for whom Denali is just a pretty mountain and GORUCK a villain in an 80's fantasy film - here's what you'll get out of this: Possibly the best overall strength and conditioning in your life. Rock solid & tireless legs, robust joints and more real world strength then you thought possible at your age. (Whatever that happens to be.)

To be best prepared, bring a sturdy backpack. Ideally filled with bricks (4 for women/6 for men.) This is roughly 20# for women/30# for men. If you are actually training for Denali or GORUCK - go ahead and start getting used to a few extra pounds beyond that as well. You won't regret having trained harder.

If you don't have a pack or everything above just scares you - show up anyways. Anyone that is willing to try is welcome - toughness is mostly mental anyways.

Feel free to post questions if you don't know a workout or exercise. Or catch me in class.

Friday, March 16, 2012

16 March Conditioning Core (Obj: Endurance)

Warm up well

3 X :                                 Set A 25,           Set B 20,          Set C 15
Pushups                            25                        20                   15
Squat jumps                      25                       20                    15
Tiger Push                         25                       20                    15
Russian twists
w/ 35#/ 25#                     25                        20                    15
Diamond Pushups             25                        20                    15
Lunges l/r                         25                        20                    15
Pullups                             25                        20                    15
Reach throughs                 25                       20                     15
Chin up                            25                        20                    15
Lateral Hip Dips (l/r)        25                        20                    15

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