Welcome! These full body and functional workouts will make you stronger, faster and increase your resilience to injury.

Conditioning Class: These workouts are challenging and dual purposed. If you are already in shape, active in your sport of choice and would like a handy, go-to workout to round things out – this will work well. If you would like to get into shape, or begin to build overall athleticism – these workouts are for you.

Advanced Class: We will be using the Power to the People strength protocol for 5 weeks starting Jan 22nd.

These workouts are hard. They take strong, fit people and make them stronger and fitter. Instructor approval required. I'm looking for the ability to properly execute a KB Swing, Clean & Press, Snatch. Men should be able to do 10 real pull-ups (no kipping) women should be able to do 5. It will help if you are comfortable with basic powerlifts or Olympic lifts - particularly deadlifts and squats.

Quite a few of us are training for the up coming Goruck Challenge in Anchorage - May of 2014. The Advanced Class workouts, between now and May will be designed with the Challenge in mind. Feel free to join our team!

Friday, March 16, 2012

16 March Conditioning Core (Obj: Endurance)

Warm up well

3 X :                                 Set A 25,           Set B 20,          Set C 15
Pushups                            25                        20                   15
Squat jumps                      25                       20                    15
Tiger Push                         25                       20                    15
Russian twists
w/ 35#/ 25#                     25                        20                    15
Diamond Pushups             25                        20                    15
Lunges l/r                         25                        20                    15
Pullups                             25                        20                    15
Reach throughs                 25                       20                     15
Chin up                            25                        20                    15
Lateral Hip Dips (l/r)        25                        20                    15

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