Welcome! These full body and functional workouts will make you stronger, faster and increase your resilience to injury.

Conditioning Class: These workouts are challenging and dual purposed. If you are already in shape, active in your sport of choice and would like a handy, go-to workout to round things out – this will work well. If you would like to get into shape, or begin to build overall athleticism – these workouts are for you.

Advanced Class: We will be using the Power to the People strength protocol for 5 weeks starting Jan 22nd.

These workouts are hard. They take strong, fit people and make them stronger and fitter. Instructor approval required. I'm looking for the ability to properly execute a KB Swing, Clean & Press, Snatch. Men should be able to do 10 real pull-ups (no kipping) women should be able to do 5. It will help if you are comfortable with basic powerlifts or Olympic lifts - particularly deadlifts and squats.

Quite a few of us are training for the up coming Goruck Challenge in Anchorage - May of 2014. The Advanced Class workouts, between now and May will be designed with the Challenge in mind. Feel free to join our team!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

8 Feb Core Conditioning (Obj: Strength & Power)

Warm up well

Pull Ladders: 1-5-1

Kb Thrusters (8)
Kettlebell Juggle Rows (8 l/r)

KB Stair Hop (1) to Weighted Lunge (5-8)
Straight Leg Raise 5-8

Leg Throws :30
Bottoms Up Pushups 5- 10

Cool down / stretch

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