Summer Schedule:

For summer the Conditioning and Advanced classes will be combined. Classes will run Wednesdays only 6pm to 7pm. Unique workouts will be posted on Monday & Friday.

Training focus: Goruck Challenge

The majority of the regular attendees are training for the September 19th Goruck Challenge in Anchorage. Summer's training will be customized with that end in mind. If you aren't interested in the Challenge - this regimen will help you develop superior strength, conditioning and resilience for any Alpine, backcountry or hunting endeavor.

The training will emphasize full body strength & mobility, ruck conditioning, injury prevention and mind/body endurance.

If you want the full experience:

Bring a sturdy backpack. Standard training weights are:

If you weigh under 150 - 25lbs

If you weigh over 150 - 40lbs

Expect to learn to routinely lift and carry 150% your body weight without injury.

Weights can be provided.

As always, Crossfitters are welcome - but save the whining for after you learn to keep up.

P2P Protocol (Power to the People)

This is an adaptation of Pavel Tsatsouline's strength protocol covering at least 12 no more then about 20 workouts.

-Set 1: 5 reps of a lift at your 1RM.

- Set 2: 5 reps of the same lift at 90% of the weight of the first set.

Following the Power to the People protocol – most people will add 10# to each workout for squats. Possibly 5# for the pull-ups & press. If you reach your max and are no longer to do all 5 reps at the same weight- drop back down to a weight just above your original 60% and start back up.

Monday, February 20, 2012

20 Feb Conditioning Core (Obj: Strength & Power)


Pulls: 2X
Pullups 3-5
Chinups 3-5
Commando 2-3

Push: X5
Plyo Pushups 5
Jumping Squats 10
KB Bottoms up Pushups 5
Lunges 5 l/r

Bar work (2x):
Roll Ups 3-5
Sideups 3-5
L-Sits L/R/C 5 sec

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