Class is on Wednesdays at 6pm. The workouts will be posted. Additional workouts will be posted on Monday & Friday.

Training focus: Strength Endurance

For our current focus we're basically doing hard work for a long time over and over. This is an awesome way to build full-body, strength you-can-use-anywhere. Based off of training for military selection programs it will be practical to anyone planning on hard summer work or play: Alpine climbing, trekking, Goruck, long approaches followed by grueling climbs, hunting and general awesomeness that just won't quit.


- Increase your strength in multiple planes of motion.

- Increase your body control while weighted.

- Increase your endurance.

- Increase aerobic/cardio capacity.

-Injury prevention by developing stronger ankles and knees.

- Mental toughness.

Friday, February 17, 2012

17 Feb Advanced Core (Obj: Strength & Power)

Warm up well

Ladders: Pull up Chin down 1 – 5, 1-5

• KB Deep Squat :30
• KB Pull Over Crunch :30
• KB Clean :15 l/r
• 1 KB Bent Over Row :30
• Swings :30
• Circle Cleans :30
• Rest :60

Cool down / stretch

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