Class is on Wednesdays at 6pm. The workouts will be posted. Additional workouts will be posted on Monday & Friday.

Training focus: Holiday Survival.

Our training focus, for the next month or so, will be high metabolic workouts. Fat burners. We'll deflate your snow tire.

Here is a basic tip: Aside from watching your intake....Short, daily, high intensity workouts (like mine) have a tremendous impact. Even just 15 minutes - give or take. If you can't do all of one of my workouts - take one section and crank it out. You have 15 minutes.

Feel free to post questions if you don't know a workout or exercise. Or catch me in class.

Monday, February 13, 2012

13 Feb Core Conditioning (Obj: Strength & Power)

Warm up well

Pull Ladders: 1-5-1

Kb Thrusters (8)
Kettlebell Juggle Rows (8 l/r)

KB Stair Hop (1) to Weighted Lunge (5-8)
Straight Leg Raise 5-8

Leg Throws :30
Bottoms Up Pushups 5- 10

Cool down / stretch

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